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Did You Know?

A Fae Story

"Once in a small village lived a young boy named Ignacio and his widowed mother Catalina. Once day on his way to school he encountered an old woman dressed in a ragged black cloak. "Good morning," she greeted. "You look sad child."
"It is because my mother is so sick and we are so poor we cannot buy her medicine to make her better."
"In spite of everything you are not as poor as I am , because you have a piece of bread in your pocket and I have none,"
The old woman seemed so lost and fragile with beautiful green eyes in a wrinkled fact that Ignacio took the bread out of his pocket and shared it with her. The old woman smiled as she ate it. Suddenly the boy felt the bread become whole again, as if he never shared it with her.
"You are a good boy, Ignacio, and that is why I shall give you this." Digging deep into her rags, she brought out a pot of jam that she gave to him?then she disappeared.
The boy was so happy that he ran home to tell his mother and to give her the bread, of which there was a never-ending supply.
"Perhaps she was a Faerie," pondered his mother.
As she ate the bread and jam it acted as a medicine and her strength returned. Without a doubt this was because the jam was made out of fruit picked from the Faerie orchard.
With her new strength she decided to sell her embroidery to start earning money again. Alas it had been such a long time since she had touched a needle that there was very little to sell. Maybe there was enough to buy some candle to sew at night because Catalina?s eyesight had become poor due to sewing by moon and starlight. She opened her sewing chest, but instead of a miserable amount of embroidery she found a large quantity of braid delicately embroidered with gold that she guessed was another intervention of the Faeries.
With the money that she made from the wonderful Faerie gifts, she bought a shop where she sold jars of jam from the never-ending supply and old embroidered braid from the never exhausted strand. Because both Catalina and Ignacio knew who to whom they owed their good fortune they never failed to share with the poor and needy."

Taken from "The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries"


By: Pixie

With summer upon us now is the time to give thought to the Fae. While not everyone is predisposed to the Fae, they still can be useful in magickal workings. Whether you find them annoying or are a fanatic it is still good to be on friendly terms. On way to do this is leave offerings the most common being cream and some kind of sweet bread but wine is also appreciated. Another good way is to simply go somewhere you know there are some and play. Twirl until you are dizzy, laugh, sing, or my favorite play in the mud. As stated above not everyone will be "faeified" but they are nice to have around.

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