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Roy's Rant

Opinions & Editorials

To the Editor:

While I was curled up at the computer the other night (I tuck my feet under me and yes, they do go numb) I came across the opinion section of the Bard.

I have only one thing to say in response (ahem)


Also my next question is, will there be commentary on the new Harry Potter book? I will be at the local bookstore to mingle with Wizards and Muggles on the eve of the most holiest of holy Druid fire festivals, the Summer Solstice, and hopefully have enough potent mojo and cash to get a copy!

Tara Miller

Dear Tara,

Many blessings of Reiki on you and your numb feet.

Ask and you shall recieve. I think a commentary and review would be a wonderful idea. We would love to see comments and opinions about my beloved Snape and the rest of the people in the book. Also, If someone would like to do a book review about the new Harry Potter book, we would love to add it to the Review section. Bravo for such a wonderful idea.


The "Other" Angie

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