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Merry Meet all. I was recently appointed Director of Missouri 
W.A.R.D. I have been trying very hard to raise membership in 
Missouri and it has come to my attention that many in the area have 
never heard of W.A.R.D. I am trying to change that. If you have any 
questions please feel free to contact me.

Witches Against Religious Discrimination--Missouri Chapter
W.A.R.D is a national, non-profit organization 
working to defend YOUR religious rights as Pagans, 
whether in the workplace, school, or neighborhood. 
W.A.R.D provides support, and dedicated individual 
help to those with discrimination issues. 

W.A.R.D. is currently active:

Forging alliances cross-country with 
other anti-discrimination organizations and 
civil rights attorneys to defend Witches & Pagans
from discrimination based on their religious beliefs;

Educating the public about the belief systems of
Witches & Pagans, with the primary goal of dispelling 
stereotypes that make life so difficult for 
many in this religious community;

Setting up a special fund to help 
Witches & Pagans in need because
of religious discrimination;

Facilitating a dialogue between Pagans
& non-Pagans to make our
religious communities more visible 
and more acceptable to mainstream America;

Forging bonds with local Pagans in its local communities,
and offering wide networking ability for all its members.

If you are interested in meeting fellow Witches & Pagans locally, 
helping provide education and tolerance in your community, 
statewide, as well as nationally, then W.A.R.D. is looking for you. 
We have a variety of membership packages; your Director can provide 
more information.

Your state Director is: 
Jennifer Goode
Email: Lady Alraune@a...
Phone: 816/470-7291

Or, you can visit the National W.A.R.D headquarters at: 
 TITLE="" TARGET="_blank"> 
Or via postal mail at:
44 Walnut Street Great Falls 
South Carolina 29055
Toll Free: 877.367.8481

Brightest Blessings,

Jennifer Goode
Director MO WARD

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